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Research Center for SCO and APR takes part in the initiative of the Bering Pacific-Arctic Council

On June 26-27 of 2019 the 24th annual meeting of the Russian American Pacific Partnership (RAPP) took place in Khabarovsk, Russia. Head of KSUEL’s Research Center for SCO and APR (Center) Aleksandr Voronenko was a moderator of the third section, which was dedicated to the cooperation in the Arctic and Northern part of the Pacific […]

Meeting with a representative of Hokkaido University

On 11th of November, Marina Lomaeva, coordinator for cooperation with authorities and enterprises of the international department of the University of Hokkaido (Japan), visited the Khabarovsk State University of Economics and Law. During the meeting with the KSUEL administration and the staff of our Center, the sides exchanged their experience and ideas in the field […]

Videoconference with the vice-president of «BRAVO 369 Flight Foundation» Craig Lang

On May 6th, prior to the Victory Day, our Research Center organized a videoconference with the founder and vice-president of the US NGO «BRAVO 369 Flight Foundation» Craig Lang in Khabarovsk State University of Economics and Law. The company was established to commemorate the heroic work of Soviet and American pilots, who had been delivering […]

The current state and problems of intensifying cooperation between the regions of the Far East of Russia and the provinces of the Republic of Korea at the beginning of the XXI century

The turn of Russia to the East assumes the need to intensify economic cooperation with the PRC, Japan, the Republic of Korea and also the countries of Southeast Asia in the Far East of Russia. The economic cooperation of South Korea with the regions of the Far East got start of its developing after the […]

The Northern sea route as a catalyst for integration in North East Asia

Integration process in North East Asia is moved slowly with lots of difficulties. The article considers NEA countries cooperation in the Arctic (Northern sea route particularly) as one of potential tools to boost their trade links with Russia and European Union correspondingly. In its turn Russia can use it to develop its Far Eastern and […]


State support for agriculture and its regulation within the framework of various regional and bilateral trade agreements is carried out on the basis of and in accordance with the legal norms developed by the World trade organization (WTO). In contrast, under the TPP participants attempt to overcome the prevailing in world trade barriers and difficulties. […]

The input of Komsomolskii-on-Amur aircraft building plant into the formation of the long-range bomber aviation during the WWII

The main plane of USSR long-range bomber aviation during the Great Patriotic War and WWII was legendary IL-4 (it was called DB-3f [«dalnii bombardirovshik», which in Russian means long-range bomber] till March of 1942) in all types. During the war 5 256 aircrafts of this kind were built and 2 732 of them were produced in Komsomolsk-on-Amur […]

The perspectives of Sino-Russian cooperation in the sphere of Northern Sea Route development and commercial use

Today more and more attention is paid to transport potential of Northern Sea Route (NSR). In spite, at present its commercial significance is relatively low, with proper development it could become one of the main transport corridor between Asia and Europe, because of its advantages in front of traditional routes through Suez and Panama channels. […]

The 22nd annual meeting of Russian-American Pacific Partnership

The 22nd annual meeting of Russian-American Pacific Partnership (RAPP) took place in the city of Yakutsk (Republic of Yakutia, Russia) on 19-20 of July 2017. RAPP is the only dialogue platform between Russia and USA dedicated to the development of interaction on interregional level. It unites business, administration and public of the regions of Russian […]