Videoconference with the vice-president of «BRAVO 369 Flight Foundation» Craig Lang

On May 6th, prior to the Victory Day, our Research Center organized a videoconference with the founder and vice-president of the US NGO «BRAVO 369 Flight Foundation» Craig Lang in Khabarovsk State University of Economics and Law. The company was established to commemorate the heroic work of Soviet and American pilots, who had been delivering war aircrafts from Alaska to Siberia under the Lend-Lease project during the World War II.


 Along the conference, Craig Lang delivered a talk about the cooperation of Soviet Union and USA during the World War II. He presented a project «ALSIB» on reconstruction of the flight by the route Alaska – Siberia on the WWII planes, which was implemented by «BRAVO 369 Flight Foundation» in collaboration with «Rusavia» in 2015. It was 5th presentation of the US professor in our University.

He highlighted the critical role of the Soviet Union in the World War II victory, showed an excellent example of US-Russian cooperation and discussed the importance and necessity of improving the mutual understanding and trust between our countries in currant reality.

Craig Lang answered the questions of students and tutors of our University, and expressed an interest in further cooperation with KSUEL. Corresponding presentations he also gives in the USA for college and school students, senators and congressional representatives and in Europe for different scientific organizations.

 The NGO «BRAVO 369 Flight Foundation» works in the field of popularizing the history of World War II. Its representatives frequently arrange lectures, presentations and other events for scholars, local and regional authorities and communities.

In 2015 in cooperation with «Rusavia» it conducted a reconstruction «lend-lease» flight from Alaska to Chukotka on WWII aircrafts and established a monuments in commemoration of Soviet-US partnership during the World War II in the city of Fairbanks (Alaska, USA). In 2020 «BRAVO 369 Flight Foundation» intents to repeat the historical flight and end it up in Krasnoyarsk. The flight will be dedicated to the anniversary of Krasnoyarsk aircraft ferry route, which was used during the World War II to bring the planes from Alaska and the Far East of Russia to the frontline.

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