About the Russian-American Pacific Partnership Forum

On June 26th – 27th 2019 the 24th annual forum of Russian-American Pacific Partnership (RAPP) will take place in Khabarovsk. The capital of Khabarovsk territory will host such a significant event for the development of Russian-American relations for the first time.

The RAPP is a bilateral forum engaging the private-sector and government to identify and address barriers to business, assist the development of cooperation between the Far East of Russia and Western coast of the USA and help to enhance the relations between our countries.

In current conditions of cooling down in the relations between our governments and anti-Russian restrictions the development of interregional ties and so called «public diplomacy» are coming to the foreground. During the «cold war» interactions between the Far East of the USSR and Western coast of the USA already helped to melt the «ice curtain». History repeats. Today the development of interregional collaboration in the frame work of RAPP can become a locomotive for better relations between our countries.

We invite all interested parties to take part in the upcoming event. Program of the forum this year is really comprehensive. It includes such issues as: cooperation in energetic, development of trade, economic and touristic ties between Russian Far East and Western Coast of the USA, development of scientific and public collaboration in the Arctic. In addition, B2B meeting is planned on the ground of the forum, such meeting is new for RAPP and will be held for the first time on the platform of the event.

You can register and find additional information about RAPP by the link: www.usrussia.org/rapp-forum-1.


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